Models of out-of-line deformation in structural analysis of folding of the Ukrainian Carpathians


  • V. V. Gonchar S.I. Subbotin Institute of Geophysics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine



Ukrainian Carpathians, folding, longitudinal-transverse bending, out-of-line flow, modeling, reconstruction


Structural analysis and reconstruction of folding of the Ukrainian (flysh) Carpathians have been executed according to materials (cross-sections) of medium-scale geological survey. Methodic development has been used within the limits of bending and out-of-flow theories. It has been shown with the help of asymmetric folding simulation that the recapture of folds into intermediate deformed state by removal of out-of-line flow and the statistic search of the most probable orientation of compression axis is the effective method of diagnostics.

Conditions of appearance of Carparhians structures have been identified which can be a result of both longitudinal-transverse bending and horizontal out-of-line flow superimposed upon initially symmetric or asymmetrical bending folds. Within the limits of models of out-of-line deformation inclinations of compression axis and intensity of deformation are being determined which finally resulted in observed folding forms, specification of folds from different structural-facial zones of Carpathians according to the grade of their compactness and asymmetry has been shown, their genetic interpretation has been given.


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