Rock magnetic and palaeomagnetic studies of loess-palaesol sections — Lower Palaeolithic sites within the Southern Bug Valley (Medzhybizh, Holovchyntsi)


  • D.V. Hlavatskyi Subbotin Institute of Geophysics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine
  • V.N. Stepanchuk Institute of archaeology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine
  • D.M. Kuzina Kazan Federal University, Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies, Russian Federation
  • Ie.B. Poliachenko Subbotin Institute of Geophysics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine
  • V.V. Shpyra Subbotin Institute of Geophysics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine
  • T.V. Skarboviychuk Subbotin Institute of Geophysics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine
  • V.I. Yakukhno Subbotin Institute of Geophysics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine
  • V.G. Bakhmutov Subbotin Institute of Geophysics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine



Combined rock magnetic and palaeomagnetic studies of loess-soil sections — Lower Paleolithic sites in the valley of the Southern Bug (Medzhybizh, Holovchintsi) — have been performed for the first time in order to determine the suitability of these objects for palaeomagnetic study and the establishment of magnetostratigraphic markers. Investigated sections by rock magnetic characteristics are closest to the sections of the Volynian Upland, and refer to the intermediate «Chinese» type of formation of magnetic properties, with an admixture of the «Alaskan» mechanism. These sections are characterized by a low concentration of ferrimagnetic material, the destruction of the primary sedimentary magnetic texture, which makes them unsuitable for qualitative magnetostratigraphic studies. According to the data of magnetic-mineralogical analysis, the samples are subdivided into three groups: the first group includes samples with new formation at 300 °C, which is associated with iron hydroxides or the presence of organic matter; in the second group, the thermomagnetic curves are not informative, which makes it difficult to determine the minerals-carriers; in some samples, the magnetization carrier is magnetite (with defects or finely dispersed). A zone of normal polarity, probably the Brunhes chron, has been reliably determined in the upper part (G-S7S1 soil) of the Holovchyntsi section. In the lower part of the M-S4 soil unit (MIS 11) at Medzhybizh, the Unnamed geomagnetic event at 430 ky has been detected. The paleomagnetic veracity of the remaining investigated layers is questioned. The analogies for the archaeological assemblages from the lower layers of Medzhybizh-A and Holovchintsi-1 are seen in archaic industries of mode 1, which in southeastern Europe are dated back from 800 ky and older. However, reliable data on the Matuyama—Brunhes boundary and, correspondingly, data on the >780 ky age of any layers with artifacts in the Medzhybizh and Holovchintsi sections were not obtained by the palaeomagnetic studies.


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