Geophysical research in the pre-Carpathian hydrosphere situation for the environmental civil protection purposes


  • Y.P. Starodub Lviv State University of Life Safety, Ukraine
  • V.V. Karabyn Lviv State University of Life Safety, Ukraine
  • A.P. Havrys Lviv State University of Life Safety, Ukraine
  • V.M. Kovalchuk Lviv State University of Life Safety, Ukraine
  • A.O. Rogulia Lviv State University of Life Safety, Ukraine
  • S.O. Yemelyanenko Lviv State University of Life Safety, Ukraine



develop, study, methodology, geophysics, ecology, emergency, flooding


Object of research is to develop and carry out a methodology investigation of the regional ecological changes in the Pre-Carpathian hydro-lithosphere in a state of emergency caused by flooding. Method involves obtaining the results by integrating experimental field-path studies and theoretical model research, laboratory scientific comparison, the analysis and synthesis of final results. The studied model is the flooding in the Carpathian region east of the Carpathian arc in Ukraine, flooding parts of Pre-Carpathians Lviv region — industrially and recreationally important regions: Stebnyk, Borislav and Drohobych cities. Scientific novelty: the article aims to develop a method for an integrated approach to study of the territory in the question of flooding through a combined interpretation of geophysical, geological, and chemical data when considering a strategically important Pre-Carpathian region. The theoretical and practical significance of the results obtained is substantiating the feasibility and possibility of the complex application of geophysical-geological and chemical data for the practical interpretation of geoinformation data. Results will be of use to applied research in geophysics and ecology and contribute to improving of the ecological situation in selected regions. Obtained results contribute to the development of geoinformation technologies for complex geophysical-geological and chemical research in the environmental safety of territories in the event of emergencies.


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Starodub, Y. ., Karabyn, V. ., Havrys, A. ., Kovalchuk, V. ., Rogulia, A. ., & Yemelyanenko, S. . (2022). Geophysical research in the pre-Carpathian hydrosphere situation for the environmental civil protection purposes. Geofizicheskiy Zhurnal, 44(4), 171–182.