Hydrogeological conditions of Irpin and their influence on the city’s engineering protection and construction assessment


  • P.V. Zhyrnov
  • I.V. Solomakha




hydrogeological conditions, geological-lithological structure, hydrogeological maps, engineering protection, construction assessment


The scheme of engineering-construction assessment, which is created based on engineering geological zoning of the city’s territory is desirable among additional graphic materials in the design of master plans projects as determined by state building norms [State…, 2012]. Engineering geological zoning provides for different ranks’ selection of taxonomic engineering-geological (EG) units, which have a particular range of common engineering geological conditions that ultimately determine the construction sites’ affiliation to a specific suitability category. Geological-lithological structure and hydrogeological conditions of the Irpin city, Kyiv region are investigated, and the types and degrees ofgroundwater aggressiveness, chemical composition, and mineralization of groundwater, the depths of the first aquifers from the day surface are highlighted in this article. A variant of the creation of large-scale maps of groundwater depth and chemistry based on a hydrogeological survey conducting is presented. The analysis of hydrogeological circumstances of the city’s territory lays the foundations for the selection of engineering-geological sites based on the comparison of this information with geomorphological, engineering-geological and geodynamic data. Complexity assessment of hydrogeological conditions and accounting of hydrogeological factors for the construction assessment scheme and selection of corresponding measures of engineering training and protection of the problem construction sites has become an ultimate result.


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