Features of biochemical indices and content of enzymes in the serum of syphilis patients with viral hepatites B and C in the course of treatment





functional state of the liver, results of treatment, syphilis, viral hepatitis B, viral hepatitis C


Objective – before and after the treatment to determine the functional state of the liver, serum levels of enzymes and biochemical indices in syphilis patients with viral hepatites B and C. The results of the study are based on the data from a comprehensive examination of 35 patients with syphilis alone and 127 patients with syphilis co-infected with viral hepatites B and C before and after treatment. Test methods: hepatology, rheogeopathography, enzyme content and biochemical parameters determined in the serum. According to the results of radionuclide hepatology it has been established that disorders of the functional capacity of the liver already occur in the early stages of the disease. The most significant disorders have been in the patients with the prescription of infection for more than 12 months and in the patients co-infected with viral hepatites B and C. A disorder of pigment metabolism and increased activity of trans­aminases have been revealed in early latent syphilis. In co-infection with viral hepatites B and C an increase in total bilirubin, Lactate dehydrogenase, Alanine transaminase, Aspartate aminotransferase and albumin has been revealed. Dysproteinemia has been revealed in patients with early latent syphilis co-infected with hepatitis C. Patients with early latent syphilis treated with immunomodulators tend to normalize these indices. In patients with syphilis a disorder of the functional state of the liver have been revealed already at an early stage of the disease. The most pronounced disorder of biochemical parameters and activity of liver enzymes are observed in syphilis patients with viral hepatites B and C, as well as in patients with early latent syphilis only with the prescription of the infection for more than 12 months; in such a case it is advisable to use drugs affecting the immune system.


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