Gilmar Ferreira Batalha

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Associate Professor
Department of Mechatronics and Mechanical Systems Engineering

Scopus ID: 15818894800
Researcher ID: B-8357-2012
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Selected Publications:

  1. Adamiak, M., Appiah, A. N. S., Żelazny, R., Batalha, G. F., Czupryński, A. (2023). Experimental Comparison of Laser Cladding and Powder Plasma Transferred Arc Welding Methods for Depositing Wear-Resistant NiSiB + 60% WC Composite on a Structural-Steel Substrate. Materials, 16(11), 3912. doi:

  2. Jamrozik, W., Górka, J., Batalha, G. F. (2023). Dynamic Range Compression of Thermograms for Assessment of Welded Joint Face Quality. Sensors, 23 (4), 1995. doi:

  3. Zieliński, B., Nadolny, K., Zawadka, W., Chaciński, T., Stachurski, W., Batalha, G. F. (2022). Effect of the Granularity of Cubic Boron Nitride Vitrified Grinding Wheels on the Planar Technical Blades Sharpening Process. Materials, 15 (22), 7989. doi:

  4. Farias, A., Batalha, G. F., Prados, E. F., Magnabosco, R., Delijaicov, S. (2013). Tool wear evaluations in friction stir processing of commercial titanium Ti–6Al–4V. Wear, 302 (1-2), 1327–1333. doi:

  5. Ribolla, A., Damoulis, G. L., Batalha, G. F. (2005). The use of Nd:YAG laser weld for large scale volume assembly of automotive body in white. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 164-165, 1120–1127. doi:

  6. Galoppi, G. de S., Filho, M. S., Batalha, G. F. (2006). Hard turning of tempered DIN 100Cr6 steel with coated and no coated CBN inserts. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 179(1-3), 146–153. doi:

  7. Abrantes, J. P., Szabo-Ponce, A., Batalha, G. F. (2005). Experimental and numerical simulation of tube hydroforming (THF). Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 164–165, 1140–1147. doi: