Boris Borts

National Science Center, Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology, Ukraine
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher, Deputy Director
Scientific Work of Science & Production Establishment «Accelerating Nuclear Systems»

Scopus ID: 6503867740
Researcher ID: CHM-6441-2022

Selected Publications:

  1. Borts, B. V., Vorobyov, I. A., Zelinsky, A. Yu., Karnaukhov, I. M., Lopata, A. A., Parkhomenko, A. A., Patochkin, I. V., Tkachenko, V. I. (2023). Nano-mechanisms of connection in the solid phase of tungsten and tantalum in the manufacture of a neutron source target. Problems of Atomic Science and Technology, 2, 58–63. doi:

  2. Borts, B. V., Skoromnaya, S. F., Tkachenko, I. V., Tkachenko, V. I. (2022). Formation of nanoclusters in the transition of carbon dioxide to the supercritical state. Problems of Atomic Science and Technology, 140 (4), 157–163. doi:

  3. Lopata, A. A., Domnich, M. P., Borts, B. V., Zelinsky, A. Yu., Parkhomenko, A. A., Sytin, V. I., Tkachenko, V. I., Vorobyov, I. A., Pidlisnyi, A. D., Patochkin, I. V., Gluschenko, L. I. (2022). Thermal annealing effects on microstructure and mechanical properties of the Ta-W-Ta solid phase joints for neutron producing targets of the research nuclear facility “Source of neutrons.” Problems of Atomic Science and Technology, 3, 29–35. doi:

  4. Aksenova,I., Borts, B.V., Korotkova, I.M., Pakhomov, A.V. (2016). Sokolenko V.I.Fatigue of austenitic steel modified by oxides of zirconium and yttrium. Problems of Atomic Science and Technology, 101 (1), 160–166.

  5. Bozbiei, L., Borts, B., Kazarinov, Y., Kostikov, A., Tkachenko, V. (2015). Experimental study of liquid movement in free elementary convective cells. Energetika, 61 (2). doi:

  6. Borts, B. V. (2012). Formation of the joint of dissimilar metals in the solid phase by the method of vacuum hot rolling. Materials Science, 47 (5), 689–695. doi:

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