Alexander Frias

York University, Canada
Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering

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Researcher ID: FZT-3789-2022
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Selected Publications:

  1. Diriker, F. K., Frias, A., Keum, K. H., & Lee, R. S. K. (2021). Improved Accuracy of a Single-Slit Digital Sun Sensor Design for CubeSat Application Using Sub-Pixel Interpolation. Sensors, 21(4), 1472. doi:

  2. Park, W., Lee, J., Kim, K.-C., Lee, J., Park, K., Miyashita, Y., Sohn, J., Park, J., Kwak, Y.-S., Hwang, J., Frias, A., Kim, J., Yi, Y. (2021). Operational Dst index prediction model based on combination of artificial neural network and empirical model. Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate, 11, 38. doi:

  3. Frias, A., de Ruiter, A. H. J., Kumar, K. D. (2019). Velocity-free spacecraft attitude stabilization using two control torques. Automatica, 109, 108553. doi:

  4. Frias, A., de Ruiter, A. H. J., Kumar, K. D. (2018). Velocity-Free Attitude Stabilization of a Nadir-Pointing Underactuated Rigid Spacecraft. Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, 41 (5), 1068–1082. doi:

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  6. Frias, A., Eng, B. (2012). Modeling and control of spacecraft systems with coupled orbital and attitude dynamics (Doctoral dissertation, Master’s thesis, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada). Available at:

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