Adriana Grigorescu

National University of Political Science and Public Administration, Bucharest, Romania
Full Professor
Department of Public Management

Academy of Romanian Scientist, Romania
Full Member

National Institute for Economic Research ”Costin C. Kiritescu” (INCE), Romanian Academy, Romania
Senior Researcher

Scopus ID: 14827031900
Researcher ID: GFA-0621-2022

Selected Publications:

  1. Binsaeed, R. H., Grigorescu, A., Yousaf, Z., Radu, F., Nassani, A. A., Tabirca, A. I. (2023). Harnessing Big Data Analytics to Accelerate Innovation: An Empirical Study on Sport-Based Entrepreneurs. Sustainability, 15 (13), 10090. doi:

  2. Binsaeed, R. H., Yousaf, Z., Grigorescu, A., Chitescu, R. I., Nassani, A. A., Samoila, A. (2023). Customer Engagement and Customer Relationship Management Capabilities’ Effects on Innovation Performance and Customer Distrust’s Moderating Role. Sustainability, 15 (12), 9475. doi:

  3. Binsaeed, R. H., Grigorescu, A., Yousaf, Z., Condrea, E., Nassani, A. A. (2023). Leading Role of Big Data Analytic Capability in Innovation Performance: Role of Organizational Readiness and Digital Orientation. Systems, 11 (6), 284. doi:

  4. Lincaru, C., Pîrciog, S., Grigorescu, A., Tudose, G. (2018). Low-Low (LL) high human capital clusters in public administration employment - predictor for digital infrastructure public investment priority - Romania case study. Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues, 6 (2), 729–753. doi:

  5. Munteanu, I., Grigorescu, A., Condrea, E., Pelinescu, E. (2020). Convergent Insights for Sustainable Development and Ethical Cohesion: An Empirical Study on Corporate Governance in Romanian Public Entities. Sustainability, 12 (7), 2990. doi:

  6. Grigorescu, A., Pîrciog, S., Lincaru, C. (2019). Self-employment and unemployment relationship in Romania – Insights by age, education and gender. Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja, 33 (1), 2462–2487. doi:

  7. Grigorescu, A., Lincaru, C., Pîrciog, S., Chiţescu, R.-I. (2019). Competitiveness and sustainable development in public services. Management & Marketing. Challenges for the Knowledge Society, 14 (1), 108–129. doi: