Lakshmi Narayan Mishra

Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, India
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
School of Advanced Sciences

Scopus ID: 55335344300
Researcher ID: O-8113-2017
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TOP-5 publications:

  1. Gairola, A. R., Deepmala, Mishra, L. N. (2016). Rate of Approximation by Finite Iterates of q-Durrmeyer Operators. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India Section A: Physical Sciences, 86 (2), 229–234. doi:
  2. Gairola, A. R., Deepmala, Mishra, L. N. (2017). On the q-Derivatives of a Certain Linear Positive Operators. Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transactions A: Science, 42 (3), 1409–1417. doi:
  3. Mishra, L. N., Mishra, V. N., Khatri, K., Deepmala. (2014). On the trigonometric approximation of signals belonging to generalized weighted Lipschitz W(Lr,ξ(t))(r⩾1)-class by matrix (C1⋅Np) operator of conjugate series of its Fourier series. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 237, 252–263. doi:
  4. Mishra, L. N., Sen, M. (2016). On the concept of existence and local attractivity of solutions for some quadratic Volterra integral equation of fractional order. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 285, 174–183. doi:
  5. Acar, T., Mishra, L. N., Mishra, V. N. (2015). Simultaneous Approximation for Generalized Srivastava-Gupta Operators. Journal of Function Spaces, 2015, 1–11. doi:

NEW-5 publications:

  1. Sharma, N., Mishra, L. N., Mishra, S. N., Mishra, V. N. (2021). Empirical study of new iterative algorithm for generalized nonexpansive operators. Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science, 25 (03), 284–295. doi:
  2. Sharma, M. K., Kamini, Dhiman, N., Mishra, V. N., Rosales, H. G., Dhaka, A., Nandal A., Fernández, E. G., Ramirez‐delreal, T. A., Mishra, L. N. (2021). A Fuzzy Optimization Technique for Multi-Objective Aspirational Level Fractional Transportation Problem. Symmetry, 13 (8), 1465. doi:
  3. Vandanaa, Deepmalab, Drachal, K., Mishra, L. N. (2021). Forecasting art prices with bayesian models. Thai Journal of Mathematics, 19 (2), 479–491. Available at:
  4. Sharma, D. J., Kilicman, A., Mishra, L. N. (2021). A New Type of Weak Open Sets via Idealization in Bitopological Spaces. Malaysian Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 15 (2), 189–197. Available at:[D.%20J.%20Sarma%20et%20al.].pdf
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