Andrii Marynin

National University of Food Technologies, Kyiv, Ukraine
PhD, Senior Researcher, Head of Laboratory
Advanced Research Laboratory

Scopus ID: 55053318700
Researcher ID: M-5292-2018
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Selected Publications:

  1. Konovalova, V., Kolesnyk, I., Savchenko, M., Marynin, A., Bubela, H., Kujawa, J., Knozowska, K., Kujawski, W. (2023). Preparation of chitosan water-in-oil emulsions by stirred cell membrane emulsification. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 661, 130929. doi:

  2. Kurbanov, M., Tulaganov, S., Nuraliev, U., Andriyko, L., Goncharuk, O., Guzenko, N., Nychyporuk, Y., Marynin, A. (2022). Comparative Characteristics of the Structure and Physicochemical Properties of Silica Synthesized by Pyrogenic and Fluoride Methods. Silicon, 15 (3), 1221–1233. doi:

  3. Zabulonov, Y., Charnyi, D., Snikhovska, I., Puhach, O., Matseliuk, E., Marynin, A. (2023). Destruction of Trihalomethanes and Disinfection of Drinking Water by Electric Discharge Plasma. Studies in Systems, Decision and Control, 281–293. doi:

  4. Mchedlov-Petrossyan, N. O., Kamneva, N. N., Marynin, A. I., Kryshtal, A. P., Ōsawa, E. (2015). Colloidal properties and behaviors of 3 nm primary particles of detonation nanodiamonds in aqueous media. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 17 (24), 16186–16203. doi:

  5. Gural’skiy, I. A., Reshetnikov, V. A., Szebesczyk, A., Gumienna-Kontecka, E., Marynin, A. I., Shylin, S. I., Ksenofontov, V., Fritsky, I. O. (2015). Chiral spin crossover nanoparticles and gels with switchable circular dichroism. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 3 (18), 4737–4741. doi:

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