Marcelo S. Nagano

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Department of Production Engineering

Scopus ID: 23061561000
Researcher ID: D-5395-2012
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Selected Publications:

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  2. Rolim, G. A., Nagano, M. S., Prata, B. de A. (2023). Formulations and an adaptive large neighborhood search for just-in-time scheduling of unrelated parallel machines with a common due window. Computers & Operations Research, 153, 106159. doi:

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  5. Guarnieri, P., Sobreiro, V. A., Nagano, M. S., Marques Serrano, A. L. (2015). The challenge of selecting and evaluating third-party reverse logistics providers in a multicriteria perspective: a Brazilian case. Journal of Cleaner Production, 96, 209–219. doi:

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