Sulaksana Permana

Universitas Indonesia (Alumni), Indonesia
Doctor of Engineering
Department of Metallurgic and Material Engineering (Alumni)

Scopus ID: 57190092112
Researcher ID: AAW-9250-2020
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Selected Publications:

  1. Siswantara, A. I., Syafei, M. H. G., Budiyanto, M. A., Widiawaty, C. D., Syuriadi, A., Farhan, T. A., Permana, S. (2023). Flow distribution analysis of a novel fcc system through experiment study and atomic model. EUREKA: Physics and Engineering, 2, 52–67. doi:

  2. Susanto, I., Kamal, D. M., Rahmiati, T., Rizkia, V., Zainuri, F., Belyamin, B., Permana, S., Subardi, A., Fu, Y.-P. (2022). Development of oxide composite materials for cathode element of IT-SOFCs. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 6 (12 (120)), 40–45. doi:

  3. Nufus, T. H., Ulfiana, A., Hidayati, N., Nuriskasari, I., Ridwan, E., Kusumastuti, S. L., Permana, S., Susanto, I. (2022). Magnetization of bioethanol-gasoline fuel blends for development combustion energy and reducing exhaust gas emissions. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 3 (6 (117)), 32–40. doi:

  4. Permana, S., Soedarsono, J. W., Rustandi, A., Maksum, A. (2016). Other Oxides Pre-removed from Bangka Tin Slag to Produce a High Grade Tantalum and Niobium Oxides Concentrate. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 131, 012006. doi:

  5. Maksum, A., Husein, M. K. E., Permana, S., Rustandi, A., Soedarsono, J. W. (2018). A preliminary study on the reduction of limonite ore by using rice husk as a reducing agent. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 316, 012050.

  6. Permana, S., Rustandi, A., Majid, R. A. (2017). Thermodynamic Analysis With Software: A Case Study Of Upgrading Rare Earth Elements Content In Bangka Tin Slag. Far East Journal of Electronics and Communications, 17 (5), 1211–1220. doi:

  7. Permana, S., Vincia, S. F., Amilia, A., Maksum, A., Widana, K. S., Soedarsono, J. W. (2018). Enrichment on Bangka tin slag’s tantalum and niobium oxide contents through non-fluoride process. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 5 (12 (95)), 56–64. doi: