Information technology of decision-making support at control of central heating modes




system analysis, decision-making support systems, heat, energy demand, forecasting, fuzzy logic, information technologies


The problem of improving the efficiency of the heat load regulation of buildings is solved in this article. It is proposed an approach that takes into account both the meteorological and social components of influence on the building requirements of social and public sector in warmth providing. First, it is analyzed the methods of decision support in the heat power engineering. It was found that information technologies have the potential for solution of energy problems. The authors propose a system model of decision-making process in the area of control of building heat requirements. On the basis of these models it is developed the information technology of decision-making support at control of heating modes of social and public sector building. The use of the proposed technology will support the grounded decisions about heating mode regulation of buildings. So it is prevented from above-limit heat energy consumption by social-public sector.

Author Biographies

Юлія Вікторівна Парфененко, Sumy State University, Str. Rymskogo-Korsakova, 2, Sumy, Ukraine, 40007

Assistant Lecturer

Department of Computer Science

Віктор Григорович Неня, Sumy State University, Str. Rymskogo-Korsakova, 2, Sumy, Ukraine, 40007

Candidate of Technical Science, Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science 

Антон Олегович Бондаренко, Sumy State University, Str. Rymskogo-Korsakova, 2, Sumy, Ukraine, 40007

Department of Computer Science


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Парфененко, Ю. В., Неня, В. Г., & Бондаренко, А. О. (2015). Information technology of decision-making support at control of central heating modes. Technology Audit and Production Reserves, 1(2(21), 8–13.



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