Analysis economics and organizational principles of investment activity of business associations




investment activity, business associations, regulatory impact, bodies of government, inter-institutional interaction scheme


We have studied business associations, bodies of state government and their investment activities (National Bank of Ukraine, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, the State Property Fund of Ukraine, National Committee of Securities and Stock Market). As a result, common areas of impact and differences in their performance were distinguished. A model for development of economic and organizational basis for investment activities regulation of business associations was also developed in this article. This model includes the leading regulatory impact of State Property Fund. Coordinating role was assigned to the Department of Investment-Innovation Policy and Development of State-private partnership. The functional and subject field of its activities was specified for this purpose. The scheme of inter-institutional cooperation in process of creation and functioning of business associations was developed with due consideration of regulatory impact and coordinating role of the Investment-Innovation Policy and Development of state-private partnership Department onto business associations activities.

Based on the results of the study we can offer the Supreme Council of Ukraine to make appropriate legislative changes regarding: improvement of the methodological foundations of the current legal framework regarding investment activities of business associations; distribution of leading role in the process of regulatory management and proceeding of inter-institutional interaction scheme; development of investment activity controlling mechanism by bodies of state government.

Author Biographies

Ігор Валентинович Алєксєєв, Lviv Polytechnic National University, str. Stepana Bandery, 12, Lvіv, 79013

Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Professor, Head of the Department

Deparment of Finance

Людмила Станіславівна Федевич, Lviv Polytechnic National University, str. Stepana Bandery, 12, Lvіv, 79013

Senior Lecturer

Deparment of Finance


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