Geofizicheskiy Zhurnal

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Publisher: Subbotin Institute of Geophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Editor in Chief: V.I.Starostenko

Deputy Editor in Chief: Ya.M.Khazan

State registration certificate: № 12952-1836 dated 20.07.2007.

The journal is included in the list of scientific professional editions of Ukraine (category "A"), a specialty 103 - "Earth Sciences" (Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine 02.07.2020 №886).

Catalogue of scientific professional publications of Ukraine

Published bimonthly.

The Journal was founded in 1979. Geofizicheskiy Zhurnal is an open access international journal that publishes new theoretical and experimental data research materials about the patterns of distribution of various physical fields of the Earth, the integrated study of the deep structure of the lithosphere, the modern geodynamics and earthquake prediction, studies of the physical properties of mineral substances in various conditions in the field of geothermal energy, paleomagnetism, geophysics, ocean, prospecting and mineral exploration geophysical methods, etc. are also published methodological and instrumental developments, scientific discussions, reviews, reports of scientific meetings and other information.

The journal is designed for a wide range of geophysicists and geologists: researchers, teachers, engineers, graduate students, employees of search parties and expeditions.

Articles are published in Ukrainian, English and Russian.

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Vol 42, No 4 (2020)

Table of Contents


Assessment of seismic response of a soil layer with the oscillating inclusions PDF
O.V. Kendzera, S.V. Mykulyak, Yu.V. Semenova, I.A. Skurativska, S.I. Skurativskyi 3-17
Spatial-temporal change of the geomagnetic field: environmental aspect PDF
M.I. Orlyuk, A.A. Romenets 18-38
Modern seismic technologies for studying fractured carbonate reservoirs of oil and gas PDF (Русский)
Yu.K. Tyapkin, I.Yu. Khromova, N.Ya. Marmalevskyi, O.M. Tiapkina 39-71
Мineral-fluidology and synthesis and genesis of natural hydrocarbons in the Earth’s bowels PDF (Українська)
І.М. Naumko 72-96
Features of the dynamics of the surface water layer temperature and salinity in the Bosporus Strait and on its Black Sea Shelf PDF (Русский)
R.R. Belevich, O.R. Andrianova, A.A. Batyrev, M.I. Skipa 97-107
Geological structure of the Ingulets-Kryvyi Rih-Krupetsk suture zone within Northern side of the Dnipro-Donets Depression PDF (Українська)
V.V. Omelchenko, P.G. Pigulevskiy 108-119
Seismic Microzoning Method with using procedures by spectrum ratio H/V PDF (Русский)
L. Senin, T. Senina, M. Voskresenskiy 120-132
Instrumental observations at the Rivne NPP permanent seismic monitoring network PDF (Українська)
Yu.A. Andrushchenko, V.I. Osadchy, A.I. Liashchuk, I.V. Kornienko 133-141
Fractal analysis of the seismicity of the territory of Azerbaijan PDF (Русский)
N.R. Garagozova 142-151
Outlining and tracing of faults in Gazanbulaq— Ziyadkhan area by attribute analysis of 3D seismic survey data PDF (Русский)
M. Aghayeva 152-164
Analysis and prediction of anthropogenic impact on the atmospheric air of an industrial city with the use of new geographic and mathematical approaches PDF (Українська)
Yu.Ya. Bunyakova, A.V. Glushkov 165-173
Publication activity, a role and contribution of V.I. Starostenko to the scientific result PDF (Русский)
A.I. Yakimchik 174-200


To the 90th anniversary of E.F. Shnyukov a long-distance geologist, head of the expedition of the 19th voyage of the R/V Akademik Vernadsky to the Indian Ocean PDF (Русский)
V. Starostenko 201-223