Vol 41, No 5 (2019)

Table of Contents


Three-dimensional modeling of temporal field by radial and finite-differential methods for solving the problems of seismology PDF (Русский)
V.N. Pilipenko, A.O. Verpakhovskaya 3-26
Optimal combining of seismic data with different spectral characteristics PDF (Русский)
Yu. K. Tyapkin 27-46
Tectonic inversion of the Dnieper-Donets depression and the Donbas (models and reconstructions) Без заголовку (Русский)
V. V. Gonchar 47-86
Prospects for the exploration of gold deposits in the Golovanevsk suture zone of the Ukrainian shield PDF (Русский)
V.N. Pavlyuk, V.A. Entin, O.B. Gintov, S.I. Guskov 87-104
Spectra of the geomagnetic field diurnal variations PDF (Русский)
I. I. Rokityansky, A. V. Tereshyn 105-114
On hydrogen degassing in the areas of recent activation of Ukraine PDF (Русский)
V.V. Gordienko 115-127
The heat flow, thermal history of the oil source Lower Jurassic Togurskaya suite and oil-and-gas potential of the Paleozoic of the Koltogor mezodepression(southern segment of the Koltogor-Urengoy paleorift) PDF (Русский)
G. A. Lobova, T. E. Luneva, V. I. Isaev, A. N. Fomin, Ju. V. Korzhov, M. F. Galieva, D. S. Krutenko 128-155
Underground temperature background of the Saksagan iron ore region in Kryvyi Rih basin PDF (Русский)
Y. P. Mechnikov, S. V. Tikhlivets, O. G. Volkov 156-164
On the transformation of the coordinates of points from the SK-42 system to WGS-84 PDF (Русский)
A. I. Yakimchik 165-189
Methods of determination of spatial distribution of minor-amplitude faults and fissures in thin-layered coal-bearing geological medium PDF (Русский)
D.M. Gryn 190-205
Complex marine (river) expeditionary studies ― an important direction of development of scientific and technical potential of the sea-economy complex of the country PDF (Русский)
N.F. Golodov, A.Yu. Gordeyev, Yu.I. Popov, S.G. Fedoceenkov, A.A. Shchiptsov, O.A. Shchiptsov 206-221
Geothermal conditions of hydrocarbon prospects of Meso-Cenozoic formations in South Caspian Basin PDF (Русский)
K.N. Kagramanov, M. S. Babayev, S.G. Shpyrko, Kh.Z. Mukhtarova 222-234
Marmara Sea waters with the Mediterranean origin in the formation of the salinity and dynamics fields in the Black Sea PDF (Русский)
O.R. Andrianova, R.R. Belevich, M.I. Skipa 235-249


About the article by V. V. Gordienko "On hydrogen degassing in the zones of modern activation of Ukraine" PDF (Русский)
V.M. Shestopalov 250-251

In memory of a scientist

In memory of Vyacheslav Akimovich Velikanov - a major geologist and remarkable person PDF (Русский)