Vol 34, No 6 (2012)

Table of Contents


Precambrian of the Ukrainian Shield and Plate Tectonics PDF (Русский)
O.B. Gintov 3-21
Synergetic tectonics. 2. Tectonic taxonomy of global cycles PDF (Русский)
I.V. Karpenko 22-36
Geological, environmental and political aspects of storage and disposal of nuclear materials PDF (Русский)
E. V. Komleva 37-47
Experimental hodograph of body waves for the western part of the East European platform (Volyn-Podolia - Ukrainian Shield) PDF (Русский)
V. V. Kutas, Yu. A. Andrushchenko, I. A. Kalitova 48-56
Paleomagnetic studies of the Lower Devonian gray deposits of Podolia PDF (Русский)
V. G. Bakhmutov, M. Teiser-Elenskaya, M. Kadzyalko-Hofmokl, L. Konstantinenko, E. B. Polyachenko 57-67
Features of the distribution of seismic velocities in the earth's crust of the Kirovograd ore region of the Ingul megablock of the Ukrainian Shield. 1. PDF (Українська)
A. A. Trypolsky, O. V. Topolyuk, V.O. Tripolskaya 68-78
The results of paleomagnetic studies of the Pleistocene deposits of the Azov Sea (the Botievo section) PDF (Русский)
G.V. Slivinskaya, T.V. Skarboviychuk, V.I. Yakuhno, I. L. Knyazkova 79-90
Change in the position of the axis of rotation in the body of the Earth: the cause, mechanism and use for explaining global tectonic processes in the earth's crust PDF (Русский)
K. F. Tyapkin 91-100
Fracture of Podolia caves in the aspect of rotational and tectonic causes of formation PDF (Русский)
V. V. Pokalyuk, A. A. Aronsky, N. V. Shafranskaya, A. A. Matoshko 101-112
Density inhomogeneity of the earth's crust along the latitudinal zones of the faults of the Ukrainian shield and the Dnieper-Donets basin PDF (Русский)
V. I. Starostenko, P. Ya. Kuprienko, I. B. Makarenko, O.V. Legostaeva, A.S. Savchenko 113-132
Electromagnetic manifestation of the lithosphere in the ULF-VLF range PDF (Русский)
V. N. Uvarov 133-146

Scientific Reports

Use of topographic SRTM data to calculate the correction for the impact of terrain on the gravitational field PDF (Русский)
A. P. Petrovsky, T. A. Fedchenko, A. Yu. Trachuk 147-153
Mathematical modeling of wave fields in layered media with additional stresses PDF (Українська)
D. V. Malitsky, A. Yu. Pavlova, V. F. Chekurin 154-159


Evolution of the tectonosphere of the Ukrainian Carpathians PDF (Русский)
V. V. Gordienko, I. V. Gordienko, O. V. Zavgorodnaya, I.M. Logvinov, V. N. Tarasov 160-178