Vol 33, No 3 (2011)

Table of Contents


Geodynamic development of the lithosphere of Ukraine and its role in the formation and location of mineral deposits PDF (Русский)
V. I. Starostenko, O.B. Gintov, R. I. Kutas 3-22
The results of deep seismic studies using OGT, DGS and MOVZ methods of Onega-Ladozhskaya area (Republic of Karelia, Russia) PDF (Русский)
N. V. Sharov, E. V. Isanina, N. G. Zamozhnyaya, N. A. Krupnov, A. K. Suleimanov 23-39
Continuous in time evaluation of wave absorption in the scale of a seismic trace PDF (Русский)
Yu. K. Tyapkin, A. N. Shadura, V. Yu. Roganov 40-53
Petrophysical aspect of assessing the suitability of rocks in the selection of geological repositories of radioactive waste PDF (Русский)
M. I. Tolstoy, V. M. Shestopalov, L. I. Kuziv 54-61
The high-speed structure of the upper floors of the mantle of the Black Sea basin PDF (Русский)
V. S. Gobarenko, T. B. Yanovsky 62-74
Activation of the tectonosphere and hydrocarbon deposits PDF (Русский)
V. V. Gordienko 75-101
Geodynamic development of the Ingul megablock of the Ukrainian Shield for geological-geophysical and tectonophysical data. I PDF (Русский)
O.B. Gintov, S. V. Mychak 102-118
On the processing of geophysical data related to earthquakes PDF (Русский)
A.I. Lyashchuk, V. N. Pavlovich 119-127
Approximation of the relief and calculation of top-corrections in the framework of the method of linear integral representations PDF (Русский)
I.E. Stepanova 128-139

Scientific Reports

Methods of electromagnetic monitoring of the earthquake source PDF (Русский)
M. G. Savin, I. I. Rokityanskiy 140-143
Relation of Alpine magmatism with structural and fault tectonics of the Carpathians PDF (Русский)
Z. M. Lyashkevich 144-150
The experimental-methodical geophysical studies in the RV POSEIDON cruise 405 PDF
J. Bialas, S. Mykhaylyuk, A. Vasiliev, I. Klaucke, C. Papenberg, K. Schwalenberg 151-150
On the features of 4D gravity monitoring of the geological environment PDF (Русский)
Yu. I. Dubovenko, O. A. Chernaya 161-168