Vol 11, No 5 (16) (2015)

Table of Contents

Pedagogical Education

Communicative, organizational and suggestive skills of high school teacher PDF (Українська)
Марина Олександрівна Васильєва-Халатникова 4-7
Historical basis of formation and development of ukrainian postgraduate pedagogical education PDF (Українська)
Oльгa Фeдopiвнa Гук 7-12
Justification of structure and content of social-communicative competence PDF (Українська)
Оксана Анатоліївна Ковальова 12-18
Methodical model of formation of independent work skills with the textbook in ukrainian literature for pupils of 5–8 classes PDF (Українська)
Юлія Миколаївна Кошара 19-23
Teacher self-education: formation of IC competence PDF (Українська)
Віктор Михайлович Орос 23-27
Applied aspects of professionally oriented tournament with simulations PDF (Українська)
Віталій Ярославович Паздрій 27-32
Reformation of the in-service teacher training system in Ukraine: the way towards European integration PDF (Українська)
Тетяна Василівна Палько 33-37
Teacher’s personality and psychological features of the image of the teenagers’ world PDF (Українська)
Вікторія Іванівна Січка 37-42
Professional formation of young teacher PDF (Українська)
Едуард Тіберійович Соломка 42-46
The teacher in the context of European choice of Ukraine PDF (Українська)
Лідія Петрівна Ходанич 47-51
Trends of updating the content of professional training program of French language teacher according to European standards PDF (Українська)
Олеся Іванівна Рацюк 52-54
Person-centered approach to enhancing cross-cultural competence of general physicians in the system of postgraduate education PDF (Українська)
Тетяна Ярославівна Пилип 55-58
Theoretical foundations of development of the educational institutions in market conditions PDF (Русский)
Елена Юлиановна Радыш 59-64