No 3(47) (2015)

Table of Contents

The problem of determining biological age in the assessment of physical development and prenosologicaldiagnosis of constitutional diseases PDF
Oleksandr Aghyppo, Yaroslavna Puhach, Yana Zhernovnikova 5-9
Estimation of the parameters of quality control test of professional competence of staff PDF
Oleksandra Bakanova, Andriy Yegorov, Klavdiia Nekrasova 10-13
Change in the level of strength and endurance development of 5-6 grades pupils under cheerleading exercises influence PDF
Tetyana Bala 14-18
Perfection of the special preparation of volleyball players PDF
Volodymyr Bogush, Sergiy Getmantsev, Olga Sokol, Oksana Reznichenko, Olga Kuvaldina, Yevgen Yatsunskiy 19-22
Basic gymnastics as a basic component invariant component of the curriculum subject «Physical culture» PDF
Alfiya Deyneko 23-25
Organizational structure and basic functions of international convention «SportAссord» activity PDF
Nina Dolbysheva 26-29
Bases of technique of sprinting PDF
Valeriy Druz, Maryna Omelchenko, Dmytro Omelchenko 30-34
Rational construction of the training process of the strongest women marathon runners to the conditions of midlands and highlands PDF
Lyubov Klochko, Nina Baykina 35-38
State and problems of physical education in regional general education educational institutions PDF
Margarita Mameshina, Irina Maslyak, Vjacheslav Zhuk 39-43
Introduction of means of electronic study in the system of the higher education PDF
Andriy Marakushyn, Artem Cherednichenko 44-49
The influence of application of complexes of power exercises on indicators of special force of muscles of a shoulder-girdle of sportsmen of the Paralympic national team of Ukraine on cross-country skiing and biathlon during the preparatory period PDF
V’yacheslav Mulik, Andriy Nesterenko 50-53
Characteristic of game’s episodes in the penalty area of the opposing team PDF
V’yacheslav Mulik, Vladimir Perevoznik, Andrii Pertsukhov 54-57
The rhythm and tempo of the game of highly qualified teams PDF
V’yacheslav Mulik, Victor Shalenko, Anatoliy Abdula, Andrii Pertsukhov 58-61
Control and analysis of dynamics of technical and tactical actions in defence during the game in basketball players of superleague team PDF
Olena Mitova, Valentin Sidorenko 62-64
The effectiveness of applicacion of the personality-oriented programs for the physical rehabilitation of women with postmastectomy syndrome in restoring the functional state of the upper limb PDF
(Tatiana Odynets) Odynets 65-67
Integrated marketing sphere of physical culture and sports in terms of European integration Regional Center Research PDF
Oleksandr Popov 68-71
Improvement of the technique of technical and tactical training of taekwondists-juniors PDF
Vyacheslav Romanenko, Eduard Nekhtyalov 72-74
Optimisation development coordinated young karate sportsmen abilities at the stage of preliminary base training PDF
Anatoliy Rovnyy, Olga Rovnaya, Volodymir Galimskyi 75-79
The formation of bases of culture of movement at children of 3–6 years old by means of rhythmic gymnastics PDF
Olga Ryabchenko 80-82
Analysis of the influence of marketing environment factors on the development of non-Olympic sports in sports schools (on the example of sports tourism) PDF
Nataliiya Sereda 83-85
About aspects of economic technique of ascent the routes in the discipline of sport climbing «lead» PDF
Olexii Shulha 86-88
Status of physical development of teenagers from 11 to 12 years of basic medical group during the school year PDF
Ganna Tamozhanskaya 89-92
Influence of informational technologies on physical background of students engaged futsal in sport-oriented physical education PDF
Vladimir Temchenko 93-96
marketing communications; organizing committee of track-and-field competitions; mass-media PDF
Olena Yarmolyuk 97-107