Концептуалізація сучасних політичних конфліктів на прикладі російської агресії на Сході України


  • Микола Примуш Донецький національний університет (м. Вінниця), Ukraine

Ключові слова:

political conflicts, the negotiation process, hybrid warfare, external aggression, National security


Article is devoted to studying of specifics of the military-political conflict in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. The analysis is based on idea of what the classical theory of a political conflict is extremely limited approaches studying of all brinks of a political conflict. Leaving linearity and staging of political process (a phase of tension, instability, a contradiction and collision), the modern political conflict on the example of the East of Ukraine can have some unusual aspects. First of all it is informal support and the help from other state, this imposing by method of blackmail by one of participants of the conflict of own benefits in exchange for the terminations of open collisions. The conflict problem in the East of Ukraine has peculiar, poorly studied line: modeling and development of the conflict by intelligence agencies of other state. The political conflict in the East of Ukraine has no latent phase as in it is mute lines unusual for the classical conflicts are mixed: intervention of other state, informal military support of one of participants of the conflict, promotion of concrete ultimatums to authorities by the indirect participant of the conflict, mixing of electoral and political technologies (radicalism of electorate on the basis of political myths). In it is a high time in the analysis of the conflict in the East of Ukraine many experts too specifics of the organization of the political power in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions don’t join. It is first of all about the interested financial and industrial groups which in the activity have carried out synthesis of complete control over financial and economic activity of the region before direct influence on the electoral choice of his population. In view of orientation of economic contacts and mental orientations towards Russia, the political elite of the East of Ukraine in the investigation of disagreement with the movement of «Euromaidan» has appeared in a desperate situation: she has ceased to have authority among the population; wishing to keep the economic capitals, the elite as a result has lost control over a situation; and in she is a high time too I have reached oppositional position to the new power. The specified factors in the sum have led to opening of mental space for handling technologies from interested parties. Without wishing to lose from the geopolitical field Ukraine, the hybrid political conflict has also been introduced. Complexity of his studying consists in an absence factor in him two key factors: first of all latent phase and mechanism of his full permission. Instead the multistage mechanism of his suppression, but not permission is offered by politicians and scientists. The essence consists in the fact that according to «game theory» the scenario «the world in war on the terms of the winner» is offered. At the same time winners both Ukraine, and Russia equally want to see themselves. In practice it leads to the fact that any technology of permission of a political conflict in the form of negotiation process, a mediator, involvement of the third party won’t have qualitative effect. A paradox of a situation is that the parties don’t wish to go on compromises. Each of the parties by method of tightening of time expects when the second party is forced to offer a string of concessions and weakening of tension. In this context the research is also devoted to studying of the specified technologies from outside of both foreign, and domestic scientific developments.

Біографія автора

Микола Примуш, Донецький національний університет (м. Вінниця)

Mikołaj Prymusz

Doniecki Uniwersytet Narodowy w Winnicy






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