Проблема гармонiзацiї регiональних розбіжностей в Україні


  • Валерій Троценко Східноєвропейський національний університет імені Лесі Українки, Ukraine

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Ukraine, region, regional differences, consolidation of the society


The analysis of the regional development of Ukraine processes testifies the existence of the certain negative tendencies including deepening of interregional contradictions, growing of the imbalances and aggravation of economic and social problems of regions. Among a number of reasons for this situation the main is the absence of the integrated efficient system of the state regional policy implementation.

 A common statement in discourse of the regional development in Ukraine is the opposition of East and West, that is explained, first of all, by the differences of the axiological and geopolitical preferences of their population, and, not in the last turn, by the policy of the regional elite.

 The strengthening of the regional polarization of public attitudes in Ukraine, as a rule, is the consequence of the redistribution of powers in terms of power or the regional elite. Among the factors of differentiation of regions of Ukraine the most essential are foreign, language and cultural orientations of citizens.

The urgent task of the Ukrainian state lies in the formation of the state’s policy, directed on the creation of the unifying national system of values, which would respond the desires of every Ukrainian no matter irrespective of the place of his residence, political views or the language of the communication. To achieve this one should reject the use of the social political technologies, which are based on the “search of the enemy”, and proceed to political and legal education, modern integrative political technologies of the unifying character, and common goals of the further democratic development of the Ukrainian society. In the process of the political dialogue between the representatives of the different political parties one should avoid the problems which divide the society by religion, language or other cultural and historical signs.

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Валерій Троценко, Східноєвропейський національний університет імені Лесі Українки

Walery Trocenko

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