Про зовнішньополітичні концепції українського неоконсерватизму (в контексті проблеми євроінтеграції)


  • Євген Перегуда Київський національний університет будівництва і архітектури, Ukraine

Ключові слова:

neoconservatism, traditional conservatism, European integration, civilizational choice, European values, institutional dimension, national pragmatism, economic crisis, national identity


The foreign policy concepts of neoconservative groups of the Party of Regions and its leaders іn the context of European integration are researched in the article.

The ideological basis of the Ukrainian foreign policy are reflecting the domestic political realities. The foreign policy concepts of the Party of Regions are contradictory, as its program declares a course on the EU membership. Party leaders emphasise that European integration is the civilizational choice of Ukraine.Its institutional dimension is aimed at the implementation of the reforms of the European standards.

On other hand party is proclaiming limitations of the European integration. Their nomination is due to the traditional conservative values, that proclaim that  integration should take place simultaneously with the «preserving of the historical, national and cultural uniqueness», and to the social basis of the party, which is grounded on the idea that European integration should not be harmful for the cooperation with Russia, and to the interests of companies for whom FTA with the EU is dangerous. The tendency to protectionism indicates the great weight of the traditional conservatism’s component. It is also due to the economic situation, particularly to the crisis in the EU. Some ideologues are considering that this crisis is not limited to economy and that future development will lead to the collapse of political institutions and values of the EU.

It can be concluded that the party ideologues often emphasize that the national pragmatism is more suitable for Ukraine. The European integration should take place not by joining the European institutions.

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Євген Перегуда, Київський національний університет будівництва і архітектури

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