Vol 1, No 5(39) (2018)


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Table of Contents

Problems of macroeconomics and socio-economic development

Investigation of the price scale importance in the conditions of the post-soviet market society PDF
Atik Kerimov, Azer Babayev 4-7
Development of theoretical bases for formation of the national logistics system PDF
Mariya Grygorak 8-14
Study of cooperation in agribusiness as a socio-economic phenomenon PDF
Fedir Horbonos, Nataliya Pavlenchyk, Anatolii Pavlenchyk, Ruslan Skrynkovskyy 14-21
Implemantation of world experience in credit programs of development of logistics infrastructure, logistics systems and technologies PDF
Tetiana Kolodizieva, Olena Kotsiuba 21-29
Stagflation substantiation as an indication of systemic crisis in the financial sector of the economy PDF
Liliia Zherdetska 30-36
Exploration of the role of business schools in the development of world-class research universities PDF
Maksym Sitnicki 36-45
Conceptualization of the effect of taxation on the development of small enterprises PDF
Hanna Kucherova, Olena Kravets 45-50

Development of the productive forces and regional economy

Paradoxes in the labor market of the 21st century: analysis of the microbusiness in Latvia PDF
Olga Pavuk 51-55
Community analysis as socio-economic system: space-territorial nature, functions and features PDF
Dmytro Savchuk 55-62
Development of the methodical approach to the formation of a competitiveness strategy Bilgorod-Dnestrovskiy sea trading port PDF
Liudmyla Shyriaieva, Olga Girina, Maxim Bakriev 62-68
Assessment of the state of machine-building industry in Ukraine PDF
Liana Kyrylenko, Nadiya Shmyholʹ 69-74
Methodological approaches in development of value estimation of costs of freshwater resources of the water basin by the objects of nature use PDF
Mykola Serbov 74-79
Analysis of gastronomic events: a case study of Portugal PDF
Dmytro Kharenko, Oksana Dyshkantiuk, Liliia Ivychuk 79-85