10-year experience of diapetvtic in urology clinic of Dnipropetrovsk medical academy of MOH Ukraine

V.P. Stus, A.M. Friedberg, E.O. Svetlychnyj, D.I. Lyulka, О.О. Mozheyko, Y.P. Ukrainets, O.S. Garmisch


Diapevtic is a sequential transition of diagnostic stages of the development of urology into effective instrumental and therapeutic intervention. Diapevtic operating aids in urology take leading positions in many diseases, including those with urolithiasis.

To date, we have experience of more than 7,500 diagastrotic operations in the last 10 years. In our clinic, the complex “Modularis Uro Pro (Simens)” Germany, complete with endoscopes and consumables from Karl Storz Richard Wolf, is used to perform diagenetic interventions. Our accumulated experience has given us the opportunity to create and develop methodological recommendations for practitioners of Ukraine, taking into account the economic situation. The paper highlights possible complications and ways to eliminate them. Our experience allows us to evaluate diabetic treatments as the main method of treating urolithiasis, and to oppose remote therapies. We have worked out indications and contraindications for the management of anesthesia in diagentative interventions. The article outlines possible complications and ways to combat them. On the basis of our clinic formed elective courses for urologists on “urological diagnostics”. The course program is designed for a cycle of 78 hours, with the issuance of a certificate.

For the successful and safe operation of urologists who solve the problems of modern interventions for urolithiasis, a gradual formation of “modular operating” ones is necessary, which allow removal of stones at any level of the urinary system by a non-invasive method. In our opinion, modern surgical intervention should be carried out with the help of combined ultrasound, X-ray and endoscopic guidance.


diapevtic; urinary stone discase; nephroscopy; ureteropyeloscopy; complications and it’s treatment


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