Torsion of morgagni hydatid in «acute scrotum» syndrome


  • L.P. Sarychev Ukrainian Medical Dentistry Academy
  • S.A. Sukhomlin Ukrainian Medical Dentistry Academy
  • Y.V. Sarychev Ukrainian Medical Dentistry Academy
  • S.M. Panasenko Ukrainian Medical Dentistry Academy
  • R.B. Savchenko Ukrainian Medical Dentistry Academy



acute scrotum syndrome, Morgagni hydatide torsion, clinic, diagnostics, treatment


The results of operative treatment of 252 patients aged from 3 months to 20 years (mean age 9,9±2,9 years) hospitalized with acute pain in the scrotum were demonstrated. The structure of the causes of the «acute scrotum» syndrome: the torsion of Morgagni hydatid – 86,5%, acute orcho-epididymitis – 8,7%, testicular torsion – 4,4% and traumatic injuries of the testicle – 0,4%. Although the most informative diagnostic method in the syndrome of the «acute scrotum» is ultrasonography with color Doppler mapping, often the cause of acute pain in the scrotum can be established definitely only during the operation. Active surgical tactics can prevent trophic changes, testicular atrophy and, consequently, copulatory and reproductive disorders. In the long-term period – from 3 months to 1 year after the operation, 186 patients were examined. None of the patients showed atrophic changes in the testicle.


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