Regularities of socially significant functions formation in pupils.


  • N. P. Hrebniak
  • S. A. Shchudro



socially important functions, teaching activities, schoolchildren


The article focused on the results of carried out research of the functional state of the pupils’ organism in a process of edu­cational activity. It has been shown that formative influence of activity is manifested on the different levels of develop­ment of socially important functions: the actual developmental zone (priority development of indicators, which have the main significance in the activity) and the proximal developmental zone (tendency of activation of the key functions).


Author Biographies

N. P. Hrebniak

Zaporozhzhskiy state medical university
Department of hygiene and ecology
Maiakovskogo str., 26, Zaporozhzhie, 69035, Ukraine

S. A. Shchudro

SE «Dnepropetrovsk medical academy of Health Ministry of Ukraine»
Department of hygiene and ecology
Sobornaia square, 4, Dnepropetrovsk, 49027, Ukraine


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