Націонал-соціалістичний Lebensraum у Східній Європі: між анахронізмом і злочином


  • Jan Wiktor Tkaczyński Uniwersytet Jagielloński, Poland

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geopolitics, Germany, doctrine of Lebensraum, National Socialism


There is no other ideology like that of National Socialism where the definition of biology and geography were so distorted. It was not geopolitical interests but the social-Darwinist ideology of geopolitical needs that were the essential point for the Third Reich in its fight for existence (Kampf ums Dasein). In other words in the fight for living space (Kampf um Lebensraum) for the Arian (German) race, which was of greater value than Jews and Slavs. This equal sign between ideology and politics will enable to understand the phenomenon of the Third Reich. It’s concept of activity, based on the ideology of National Socialism – precisely described by Hitler in Mein Kampf – to the end of Nazi state, has been the justification and ultimately the purpose of all of the Reich’s political activities. The crucial word was Lebensraum, the “key-word” of National Socialism, as Theodor Heuss stated. The appropriation of politics by ideological delusions, results in the attempt to change the policy into the mechanism of “key-words”, with which the National Socialism had been trying to enter into the reality and finally to build a criminal utopia. The utopia, which in the case of a German win, will mean the full extinction of the Jews, the displacement of millions of Slavs to Siberia, re-population by the Arian Herrenrasse of the vast and fertile area conquered by the German troops. The maintenance of those areas will be – as it had been in previous centuries – the tasks of Slavic neo-serfdom peasants. The defeat of the Third Reich must be understood not only as the end of criminal insanity, but also as the victory over the ideology, which as the crucial point for its development perceived the extensive understanding of Lebensraum. This is such an interesting coincidence, that the evidence against the Nazi sophistry provides the modern statement that there was no time in history that so many Germans lived in such a small area! And never before did they live so well as they do today!

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Jan Wiktor Tkaczyński, Uniwersytet Jagielloński

Ян Віктор Ткачинський

Ягеллонський університет у Кракові






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