Взаємовідносини по лінії Москва – Мінськ у рамках енергетичного сектору


  • Роберт Клачиньскі Вища державна професійна школа у Тарнові, Польща

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petrol, natural gas, energy sector, pipelines, Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus


A paper entitled Cooperation between Moskow and Minsk in the energy sector describes the most important problems of gas and petrol market at the European part of former USSR. It is an attempt to answer questions aroused by the situation at the post-soviet petrol market. Its analytical part is based on statistical data, analytical papers of the most important think-tanks in that matter, books and papers together with internet resources. All above mentioned contribute to an author`s proper arguments which are focused on abilities and limitations of petrol and gas sector of Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus. The paper provides an information about bilateral relations of these countries, describes Russian energy strategy towards pos-soviet area, especially towards the Belarus` role. It also describes Russian-Belarusian relations in broad international context and also Belarusian dilemmas while Minsk does refuse Russians to obtain strategic importance in the country`s energy sector on the one hand, but also must strictly cooperate with Moscow while Belarusian economy is unable to function without cheap petrol and gas supplies from Russia.  An author focuses also on Yamal pipeline and the eventual threat from the Nord-Stream project and also describes the meaning of BTS1 and BTS2 installations which virtually are the pressure tools on Belarus.  He characterizes the background of past and current energy conflicts in bilateral relations and indicates the role of petrol and gas as political tools at Russian disposal, towards Belarus. He also formulate prognosis, based on his past analyzes. According to an author Belarus must solve the problem of its own dependency on Moscow in the energy area. Without it she won`t be a clearly independent state. In the same time Russia is using all possible tools and strengths it monopoly on the Belarusian petrol market. This kind of policy is a step in Russian Federation`s policies aimed at regaining imperial role again in the post-soviet area.

Біографія автора

Роберт Клачиньскі, Вища державна професійна школа у Тарнові

Robert Klaczyński

Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa w Tarnowie






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