Публічна політика та вплив її суб’єктів на безпеку держави


  • Оксана Кукуруз Інститут держави і права імені В.М. Корецького НАН України, Україна

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public policy, subjects of public policy, external and internal subjects, policy of Russian Federation, conflicts in Ukraine, state security, ways reducing state security


The situation in the east of Ukraine actualized issues of the state security. The attempts to identify subjects of public policy, who influenced on reduce level of national security of Ukraine, are made in this article. The author considered different approaches to the definition of public policy, kinds of its subjects. Scientists understand public policy as a state policy; as society policy, which protects the society interests; associate it with transparent policy; define it as statements and activities of politicians who were promulgated. Different definitions of the public policy research showed that it depends on scientific interests of the researcher. For example, specialists of administrative law usually identify public policy with state policy, and therefore understand it as a program and activities of the state authorities. In the same time political scientists consider public policy widely, as programs, activities, power struggle of different political and social actors, whose ideas are promulgated and it can become part of state policy.

Public policy is a very dynamic phenomenon in the modern world and has many features in each country. Transformation processes in different spheres of social life are still occurring in Ukraine. There are still no established mechanisms through which state policy can be formed and realized. Social and political forces use different ways of influence on decision-making by state authorities. Thus public policy in Ukraine do not need to be identified only with the state policy («American tradition»), but it need to be understood as a purposeful activity of active representatives of state authorities, social and political forces that have a clear goal, spread their ideas in society and try to implement it through legislation («European tradition»).

The author offers subjects of public policy to divide into external and internal. Representatives of power of another state (states) and international political and social forces are external subjects of public policy. Representatives of state power, political and social forces of the same state (or one political union) are internal subjects of public policy. Expressions, statements, activities of representatives of Russian Federation (external subjects of public policy), which influenced on reducing level of national security of Ukraine, are given in this article. Also there are showed the list of subjects, who according to Ukrainian legislation, should detect and prevent threats to national security. Instead of this internal subjects of public policy made statements and accepted the legal acts that contained threats to the national security of Ukraine. The author noted the problems that became public reasons for conflicts in Ukraine. External and internal subjects of public policy mostly used the ethnic, linguistic and religious contradictions of Ukrainian society to reduce the security of the state.

Influence external and internal subjects of public policy on Ukraine security were powerful. Deliberate and well organized their activity was conducted in several directions and contained different ways: 1) forming of anti-Ukrainian ideology; 2) creating organizational structures which must spread this ideology (political parties, associations, and even religious organizations); 3) searching supporters of this ideology among representatives of state authorities; 4) implementation of main provisions of ideology in state policy; 5) adoption of legislation corresponding to this policy.

This practice, according to the author, suggests that public policy is neutral notion. It doesn’t mean that this policy is created and implemented for benefit of society. This qualitative characteristic can be used only for some kinds of public policy, when its aim really is provide interests of society.

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Оксана Кукуруз, Інститут держави і права імені В.М. Корецького НАН України

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