Україна крізь призму протиріч суспільства з державою (на прикладі протестів кінця 2013 – першої половини 2014 рр.)


  • Тетяна Нагорняк Донецький національний університет (м. Вінниця), Україна

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Ukraine, Ukrainian society, protests late 2013 - early 2014 in Ukraine


The maturity of a state always correlates with the strength of the national (not ethnic) community’s identity. The quality of such correlation becomes crucial and often improves during the trials. Peace has never existed without war, but worldwide development is constant in its changing cycles of colonization (confirmation of Empires/confederations, movement towards bipolarity, strengthening of military-technogenic human potential, globalization of economics and identity) and decolonization (territorial reconstruction of the world, development accent’s shift towards the social equity, branding “comfort places”, peripherality of capitalism). Each sociopolitical developments (war and a coup d’état, terrorism and AIDS, natural disasters and changes in social display) as attractors of such cycles actualize the question about the maturity of relations between a state and society. The form of such relationships could be designed by religion, political regime, social contract and establish systematic game rules. It converts political support for public institutions by masses into increasing of various incomes among the population (economic stability, legal, financial and social population security, distribution of capabilities and software and growth prospects system on the whole, it’s symbolic and social equity).The chosen format of relationships between a state and society is the core of the system modernization, key actor’s responsibility (government, community, business and media-environment) and the correspondence of their activity with a single strategic model (which system aims at) is a major factor in its successful renewal.

Біографія автора

Тетяна Нагорняк, Донецький національний університет (м. Вінниця)

Tetiana Nagorniak

Doniecki Uniwersytet Narodowy w Winnicy






Громадянське суспільство в Польщі та Україні