Громадянська участь пасіонаріїв як агентів «міфічного насилля» у соціальних трансформаціях


  • Вадим Слюсар Житомирський державний університет імені Івана Франка, Ukraine

Ключові слова:

violence, “mythical” violence, passionarians, theory of passionarity, level passionarity


The article examines the social activity of passionaries during the period of social transformations in the context of their implementation of violence aimed at destroying the established norms, rules and traditions. Defined that passionarians through innate ability to absorb from the environment much more energy than is necessary for their own survival, and the social aspect is reflected in the fact that they put the public interest above their own. Particular attention is paid to the passionate impulses as elements of social development and passionarians as subjects of social activities. Passionarians are the creators of ethnic dominance, which organizes passionarity of ethno-social system and directs its further development, determines the nature of social transformations. It is defined the two sections of the impact of passionarity by violent methods for social transformation: internal and external. High level of passionarity under conditions of external aggression consolidates society, provides rational comprehension of natural movements. Passionarians are agents of “mythical” violence aimed at the destruction of the system of law that involves the establishment of of new and the revitalization of the activity of individuals, social groups and communities. Due to non-service orientation of activity of passionaries, lack self-censorship, low level of self-control, prevalence impulse to creativity and transformation of the instinct of self-preservation, it appears passionarians willingness to exercise repression against dissent with the new law. The instrument of “mythic violence” is the creation and production in the public mind the image of “hero” and “heroism” as behaviors prototype for this are passionarians.

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Вадим Слюсар, Житомирський державний університет імені Івана Франка

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