Естетизація війни: рушійні фактори, елементи та функції


  • Вікторія Полянська Дніпропетровський національний університет імені Олеся Гончара, Ukraine

Ключові слова:

political aesthetics, political anesthetization, political symbolization, political ritualization


The phenomenon of the war through the frame of the political-aesthetical approach is conducted. The aim of the article is to research the moving factors, elements and function of the political aesthetization of the war as a political phenomenon and a complex political process. The methodology of this research is based on the political-aesthetical approach, which introduce the connection and interaction between the aesthetical and political spheres as a collection of the specific political-aesthetical phenomena and processes, emerging from the law of the people psychic working. The idea, that the people psychic works on the aesthetical laws, give us the possibility to view the political aesthetization as a natural process of political consequence. Thus, the main factors of political aesthetization of the war we could define as a irrational nature of political things, a strong emotional influence of the political thinking process by natural and managed sources, a correlation between political values and the aesthetical judgment. The elements of the political aesthetization process are determined as the political symbolization, political metaphorization and political ritualization. As to the war we conduct the symbols of the war, weapon, army and other war’s attributes; the rituals of the peace and war; the main metaphors, which descript the war and give some imagination about the war’s attributes and senses. We define the key functions of the political aesthetization of the war as the valuation, interpretation, mobilization, behavioral model’s forming and the other.

Біографія автора

Вікторія Полянська, Дніпропетровський національний університет імені Олеся Гончара

Wiktoria Polańska

Dniepropietrowski Uniwersytet Narodowy






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