Етносоціальні аспекти українсько-польських взаємин у першій половині ХІХ століття


  • Віктор Павлюк Національний університет «Острозька академія», Україна

Ключові слова:

authority, conflict, ethnos, ideology, nobility, peasants, Polish-Ukrainian relations


The article shows the influence of ethno-social problems on the Ukrainian-Polish relations in Right-Bank Ukraine. Author in the debate with researchers of the issued problem proves that at the late 18th and early 19th centuries Polish-Ukrainian relations weren’t of antagonistic character neither in the ethno-social nor in the ethno-political sphere. The author doesn’t idealize relations between Ukrainian peasants and Polish landowners, but argues that the nobility understood sense of human dignity and needed the support of the local inhabitants, especially after the defeat of the rebellion in 1830-1831. Peasants realized that their socialeconomic situation wouldn’t change: Russian landowners would come instead of Polish landowners. Therefore, there appeared political organizations aimed at complete emancipation of the peasants, transferring the lands to the property of peasants without compensation and the complete political equality irrespective of the social origin, religion and nationality.

Біографія автора

Віктор Павлюк, Національний університет «Острозька академія»

Wiktor Pawluk

Uniwersytet Narodowy „Akademia Ostrożska”






Національні меншини і етнонаціональна політика