Європейська геостратегія України у вимірі вітчизняного консерватизму (за працями В’ячеслава Липинського та Степана Томашівського)


  • Марина Шульга Київський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка, Україна

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Ukrainian conservatism, Vyacheslav Lypynskiy, “new configuration of the European East”, Stepan Tomashivkiy, the Black Sea as a basis for the political development of the European East


The features of European geo-strategy of Ukraine as they were interpreted in the papers of representatives of national conservatism – Vyacheslav Lypynskiy and Stepan Tomashivkiyare thoroughly analysed in the article.

The conclusion is drawn about that both scientists connected the joining of Ukraine to the European community of the peoples with the projects of international cooperation initiated by Ukraine, which would provide political and economic converting of the eastern part of the European space and would be interesting for European countries and motivate Russia to balance foreign policy concerning Ukraine and internal democratic reforms.

V. Lypynskiy says that such a reformatting involves the implementation of Ukraine “active policy in the “Rus’ East”, which aims to create “a new configuration of the European East”. This configuration was created to exist as a “union of three Rus’ lands” (Ukraine, Russia and Belarus), in which Ukraine wasn’t a factor of “weakening of Rus”, but was a model of “classocratic” (to paraphrase in a modern manner – those that meet challenges of time) internal transformations.

S. Tomashivkiy analyses that reformatting of East-European space is impossible without warning “long- term immobility of the Black Sea”, which is not only a crucial determinant of geographic Ukrainian history, but also is the basis for the political development of the European East. This requires the revival of mediated role of Ukraine in dialogue between civilizations in general and in the international transport communications in particular.

Both scientists say that European direction of geostrategy of the Ukrainian state does not deny the appropriateness of the remaining vectors, but defines and specifies the tasks that must be addressed within them.

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Марина Шульга, Київський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Maryna Szulga






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