Демократизація і євроінтеграційна стратегія сучасної України: національна специфіка та досвід сусідів


  • Світлана Бульбенюк Київський національний економічний університет імені Вадима Гетьмана, Україна

Ключові слова:

democratic transformation (democratization), European integration, civil society, Ukraine, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)


The relationship between political strategy of the state (first of all on the basis of studying the experience of democratic transformations) and the foreign policy vector of national development on the example of Ukraine and countries of Central and Eastern Europe is examined. The author seeks to find answers to the question: «What is the ideological guidance for national development of modern Ukraine?»; «Experience of our closest neighbors - Central and Eastern Europe - may be useful in identifying these ideological landmarks for Ukraine?»; «Should such ideological orientations be based on clearly defined ideological and political (doctrinal) bases or be as politically neutral?».

The proposed research of the structure of European integration strategy because of the burning social and political realities of Ukraine distinguish the most problematic areas of political, social, economic and cultural space of national society. Based on the experience of the process of democratic transformation and holding of European integration in Poland, Hungary, Romania and other CEE countries are attempting to define «strong» and «weak» sides of these processes for the further consideration of their formulation of national politics and the foreign policy strategy of systemic transformation.

The author’s view on the problems and prospects of development of civil society in Ukraine in view of events ( in fact - for the most significant recent history of national tests) is presented by late 2013 - early 2014.

Біографія автора

Світлана Бульбенюк, Київський національний економічний університет імені Вадима Гетьмана

Swietłana Bulbeniuk 






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