Польське питання і слов’янська проблема у зовнішньополітичних планах Адама Чарторийського


  • Віктор Павлюк Національний університет «Острозька академія», Ukraine

Ключові слова:

foreign policy, diplomacy, coalition, Polish question, Slavic problem


The article deals with theoretical views and practical steps of the prominent Polish politician Adam Czartoryski on Polish question and problem of the Slavic peoples during his service in the diplomatic office of the Russian Empire. It is proved that Adam Czartoryski made comprehensive drafts of changes in international relations as opposed to the policy of Napoleon Bonaparte. The Prince was an adversary of the Napoleon’s political system and political structure which had been imposed to Europe by the French Emperor. The projects of A. Czartoryski raised many questions and looked forward; they were directed at limiting and reducing the influence of France and created conditions that prevented from reorganising the Europe’s political structure for the convenience of the one state. A. Czartoryski developed comprehensive plans for a Federal Europe in 1802-1805. In contrast to the Napoleonic politics, he sought to build an international policy based upon international law, rational and moral principles which would have guaranteed a lasting peace, security and justice to all the nations and peoples. Prince wanted freedom and independence for his people. Nonetheless, as the representative of the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Empire, he failed to embody the plan either in practical action, or clearly explicit in his political projects. The famous «Puławy Plan» provided for annexation of Polish lands from Prussia to Russia as part of the Empire without any possibilities of establishing an independent state.

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Віктор Павлюк, Національний університет «Острозька академія»

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