Roy George

Griffith University, Queensland, Australia

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Researcher ID: GBO-9834-2022
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Professional (scientific) interests:  
Lasers in Dentistry, Endodontics,  Restorative dentistry, Pain, Dental education

Selected Publications:

  1. Cameron, A. B., Abdelhamid, H. M. H. A. S., George, R. (2023). CBCT Segmentation and Additive Manufacturing for the Management of Root Canals with Ledges: A Case Report and Technique. Journal of Endodontics, 49(11), 1570–1575. doi:

  2. Elgawish, A., Tawfik, H., El Gendy, A., George, R., Bakr, M. (2023). The Impact of Different Irrigation Regimens on the Chemical Structure and Cleanliness of Root Canal Dentin Iranian Endodontic Journal, 18 (4), 224–232. doi:

  3. Lalla, Y., Kulkarni, S., Walsh, L. J., George, R. (2023). Does luminosity and smear layer influence 810 nm laser energy transmission through human dentine? Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy, 42, 103311. doi:

  4. Rung, A. C., Sun, J., George, R. (2023). Dental students’ ability to judge the quality of composite restorations’ exemplars depicted in photographs and their impact on preclinical skills. European Journal of Dental Education. doi:

  5. Boubaris, M., Cameron, A., Love, R., George, R. (2022). Sphericity of Periapical Lesion and Its Relation to the Novel CBCT Periapical Volume Index. Journal of Endodontics, 48(11), 1395–1399. doi:

  6. Paixão, F. C. de O., Rodrigues, V. P., George, R., Souza, S. de F. C., Paiva, A. E. M., Pereira, A. de F. V. (2022). Compressive strength of premolars restored with ceramic crowns and supported with a glass fiber post using different luting agents. The Saudi Dental Journal, 34 (7), 617–622. doi:

  7. Lagunov, V. L., Rybachuk, M., Itthagarun, A., Walsh, L. J., George, R. (2022). Modification of dental enamel, dentin by an ultra-fast femtosecond laser irradiation: A systematic review. Optics & Laser Technology, 155, 108439. doi: