The use of audit as a tool for strategic control of marketing activities of Polish enterprises




marketing management, strategic marketing control, marketing audit, structure of the audit, Polish enterprises.


The paper is focused on marketing audit within the marketing system control. Marketing audit is one of the tools applied to assess and improve the use of marketing in corporate activity.

One of the most debatable issues is the scope of control exercised within marketing audit and the envisaged threats (including resignation from using that tool of marketing audit) as well as the ways of mitigating those issues.

Work on the paper included a narrative review of the concepts of structures of marketing audit presented in literature on the subject. The paper formulated main guidelines on the implementation of audit within the system of corporate management control. It presented the results of research on the significance and the extent of using marketing audit by the enterprises operating in Poland (descriptive review).

The obtained results of research which was conducted at various stages of the development of Polish economy lead to a general observation that the entities operating on that market have not reached the required maturity which would induce ordered, structured control activity at the strategic level. The reasons for such condition can be found:

  • in the orientation of the majority of entities to achieve current success;
  • lack of awareness of ready solutions supporting such a level of management (including control);
  • finding irrational grounds for such omission (pointing primarily to the limitations of financial, human, material, intellectual resources);
  • fear of implementing new control procedures and achieved results of such control which were not always positive.

In order to raise awareness of the marketing audit, it is recommended that this tool be promoted in the management literature. It should be advocated to use the opportunity of implementing partial audits devoted to selected elements of marketing activities. Compared with a system audit, they are simpler to carry out and less expensive. At the same time, they allow a very thorough assessment of the correctness of marketing activities of enterprises, minimizing the risk of functioning on the market.

Author Biography

Piotr Hadrian, Cracow University of Economics, 27, Rakowicka str., Cracow, Poland, 31-510

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Senior Lecturer

Department of Marketing


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