The study of the biological value of the structured product from soft cheese made from concentrate chopped kernels of sunflower seeds


  • Dmitry Prasol National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine



structured product, concentrate of sunflower seed kernel, biological value of protein, protein accessibility in vitro


Structure and food ration of modern humans indicate a deficit of essential components and objects, including animal origin. Demand for animal proteins, according to some facts, is satisfied less than 80%. Modern ideas about nutrition suggest that milk protein plays a basic role among them. An important problem in development of new products is also consumer meeting demand and safety.

Curd is a richest source of complete protein. Man’s organism almost completely assimilates curd protein. The high biological value of proteins is conditioned by composition and balance of amino acids and good assimilability. The colloid state of proteins determines their easy availability and digestibility. Milk-based products have a complex structure.

The low-fat kernel of sunflower seeds is one of the most promising types of material. Use of it in the technology of new products will improve the food and biological value and expand the range of product.  It has an exceptionally high biological value. It is thought that the core protein of sunflower seeds is the least different from the egg white among other vegetable proteins.

In connection with this, we have carried out the work for development of technology of soft cheese product including a core protein of sunflower seeds in the formulation. The research of the accessibility of new product protein component is performed, positive results are obtained. New product development and introduction into production allows expanding the assortment and consumer meeting demand for dairy products.

Author Biography

Dmitry Prasol, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv

PhD, Associate Professor

Department of Meat and Fish Technology 


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