Application of shear wave elastography in transrectal biopsy for screening diagnostics of the prostate cancer


  • V.M. Kravchuk National Military Medical Clinical Center, Ukraine



shear wave elastography, prostate, prostate cancer, transrectal biopsy


Early diagnostics of the prostate cancer (PC) is an important part of diagnostic algorithm of current disease. Verification of the malignant tumor by means of multifocal biopsy is a critically important element in diagnostics of PC. Diagnostics and choice of treatment tactics depends on the precision of this manipulation. The issue of development and exploration of new diagnostic methods, improvement of visualization of signs of PC and improvement of informativeness of prostate biopsies is actual to date. One of these methods is shear wave elastography (SWE), it lets to evaluate elastic properties of tissues during routine ultrasound investigation. SWE technique potentially lets to detect prostate diseases on early stages and in its turn, has important consequences for patient‘s health and decreases financial expenses on health care system. Shear wave elastography has sufficient informativeness in detection of the PC and can be used for focal biopsy with addition to systemic biopsy. Application of shear wave elastography in multifocal biopsy can increase rate of PC detection.


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