External beam radiation therapy proves to be radical treatment for very high risk localized prostate cancer in active elderly patient





prostate cancer, very high risk, radiotherapy, complete pathological response


We present the case report of radical treatment of localized very high risk prostate cancer (рТ2сN0M0 Gleason score 5+5=10, GG5/5, initial total PSA=5 ng/ml) in active elderly patient by IMRT radiotherapy on linear accelerator Novalis Tx with definitive treatment dose 66 Gy without concomitant hormonal therapy. Efficiency of radiotherapy was demonstrated by PSA nadir <0.003 ng/ml, complete pathological response and absence of vital malignant tissue on histological study. The pathology study of the eradiated prostate gland was performed two years after radiotherapy on the specimen obtained after radical cystprostatectomy due to recurrent high-grade muscle-invasive bladder cancer. This way we could confirm that IMRP radiotherapy with dose of 66 Gy is a radical treatment of very high risk localized prostate cancer.


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