Geofizicheskiy Zhurnal

ISSN 2524-1052 (Online)

ISSN 0203-3100 (Print)

Publisher: Subbotin Institute of Geophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Editor in Chief: V.I.Starostenko

Deputy Editor in Chief: Ya.M.Khazan

State registration certificate: № 12952-1836 dated 20.07.2007.

The journal is included in the List of scientific specialized editions of Ukraine in the field "Geological Sciences" (Order Ministry of Education and science of Ukraine No. 1021 of 07.10.2015)

Published bimonthly.

The Journal was founded in 1979. Geofizicheskiy Zhurnal is an open access international journal that publishes new theoretical and experimental data research materials about the patterns of distribution of various physical fields of the Earth, the integrated study of the deep structure of the lithosphere, the modern geodynamics and earthquake prediction, studies of the physical properties of mineral substances in various conditions in the field of geothermal energy, paleomagnetism, geophysics, ocean, prospecting and mineral exploration geophysical methods, etc. are also published methodological and instrumental developments, scientific discussions, reviews, reports of scientific meetings and other information.

The journal is designed for a wide range of geophysicists and geologists: researchers, teachers, engineers, graduate students, employees of search parties and expeditions.

Articles are published in Ukrainian, English and Russian.

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Vol 40, No 3 (2018)

Table of Contents


Unique basite-metabasite structures of the Pobuzhsky ore mining region, their geological significance and ore-bearing prospects (by geophysical and geological data) PDF (Русский)
O.B. Gintov, V. Entin, S. V. Mychak, V. N. Pavlyuk, S. I. Guskov 3-26
Three-dimensional Earth’s crust density model of the central part of the Golovanevsk suture zone of the Ukrainian Shield PDF (Русский)
V. I. Starostenko, P. Ya. Kuprienko, I. B. Makarenko, A. S. Savchenko, O. V. Legostaeva 27-53
Geothermy and zoning of shale oil prospects of the Koltogor-Urengoy paleorift (southeastern part of West Siberia) PDF (Русский)
V. I. Isaev, G. A. Lobova, V. V. Stotskiy, A. N. Fomin 54-80
Long-time changes of the thermal continentality index; the amplitudes and the phase of the seasonal temperature variation in Ukraine PDF
S. Boychenko, V. Voloshchuk, T. Kuchma, N. Serdyuchenko 81-96
Innovative geoelectric methods: multi-year experience of application for the practical problems of near-surface geophysics operative solution PDF (Русский)
S. P. Levashov, N. A. Yakymchuk, I. N. Korchagin 97-128
On the motion of lithospheric plates in the oceans and transition zones PDF (Русский)
V. V. Gordienko 129-144
The nature and origin of magnetic anomalies over the Gölcük caldera; Isparta; South-Western Turkey PDF
M. N. Dolmaz, E. Oksum, E. Erbek, H. E. Tutunsatar, O. Elitok 145-156
Dependence of magnitude evaluation of chemical exposure characteristics at industrial careers within the boundaries of the Ukrainian Shield PDF (Українська)
Yu. A. Andrushchenko, V. I. Osadchy, O. I. Lyashchuk, I. V. Kornienko 157-164
Application of geophysical methods for solving hydrogeoecological problems in the Southern Kryvbas territory PDF (Русский)
P. I. Pigulevskiy, O. K. Tyapkin, V. K. Svistun 165-178
Peculiarities of the geomagnetic field secular variations at the 20th solar activity cycle PDF (Українська)
T. P. Sumaruk, P. V. Sumaruk 179-191
Determination of areas of gas methane accumulation in carbon-mass massives by transient electromagnetic sounding method (on the example of the San Juan coal basin; USA) PDF (Українська)
I. Skopychenko, V. Finchuk, N. Vergelska 192-198
Tornado statistics in Ukraine based on new data PDF (Українська)
V. M. Vashchenko, I. B. Korduba, Ye. A. Loza, Zh. I. Patlashenko, O. O. Bannikov, Yu. M. Kryzska 199-213