Victoriya Georgiyants

National University of pharmacy, Ukraine
Doctor in pharmaceutical science, professor, head of pharmaceutical chemistry department

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Professional (scientific) interests: phytochemical research of the plant raw material and agricultural plant raw material as well as obtaining phytoremedies on their basis, standartization and registration of obtained phytoremedies

Selected Publications:

  1. Dobrova, A. O., Golovchenko, O. S., Georgiyants, V. A. (2021). Modelling and investigation of amoxicillin chemical interaction with mineral waters containing a significant amount of calcium and magnesium salts. Pharmacia, 68 (1), 101–107. doi: 

  2. Dobrova, A., Antonenko, Y., Golovchenko, O., Harna, N., Garna, S., Georgiyants, V. (2021). Development of the method for estimating complex formation using the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy on the example of the doxycycline and iron (III) interaction. ScienceRise: Pharmaceutical Science, 1 (29), 31–38. doi: 

  3. Bezruk, I., Marksa, M., Georgiyants, V., Ivanauskas, L., Raudone, L. (2020). Phytogeographical profiling of ivy leaf (Hedera helix L.). Industrial Crops and Products, 154, 112713. doi: 

  4. Karpina, V. R., Kovalenko, S. S., Kovalenko, S. M., Drushlyak, O. G., Bunyatyan, N. D., Georgiyants, V. A. et. al. (2020). A Novel Series of [1,2,4]Triazolo[4,3-a]Pyridine Sulfonamides as Potential Antimalarial Agents: In Silico Studies, Synthesis and In Vitro Evaluation. Molecules, 25 (19), 4485. doi: 

  5. Mykhailenko, O., Korinek, M., Ivanauskas, L., Bezruk, I., Myhal, A., Georgiyants, V. et. al. (2020). Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Ukrainian Iris Species: A Fresh Look on Their Antioxidant Content and Biological Activities. Molecules, 25 (19), 4588. doi: 

  6. Mykhailenko, O., Desenko, V., Ivanauskas, L., Georgiyants, V. (2020). Standard operating procedure of Ukrainian Saffron Cultivation According with Good Agricultural and Collection Practices to assure quality and traceability. Industrial Crops and Products, 151, 112376. doi: 

  7. Mykhailenko, O., Gudžinskas, Z., Kovalyov, V., Desenko, V., Ivanauskas, L., Bezruk, I., Georgiyants, V. (2020). Effect of ecological factors on the accumulation of phenolic compounds in Iris species from Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine. Phytochemical Analysis, 31 (5), 545–563. doi: