Handling complaints

Complaints about published articles should be sent by e-mail:
Denis Nikolaev

The editorial board accepts complaints from scientific institutions, readers, editors of other journals, etc.

In case of receipt of a complaint, the editorial board confirms its receipt within 3 working days and verifies the validity of the received complaint. If the complaint is substantiated, it is considered by the editorial board in accordance with the recommendations of COPE.

The term for consideration of complaints lasts from 2 weeks to 3 months and depends on the promptness of receiving responses from all parties involved in the consideration (authors, institutions, etc.).

The editorial board of the journal implements all procedures aimed at ensuring, guaranteeing, and observing all ethical norms and principles of academic integrity.

At the stage of reviewing the complaint, the editorial board may contact the authors' institution(s) in order to inform if there is a suspicion of misconduct on the part of their researchers, providing facts that may indicate possible misconduct that gives rise to these concerns.

In the event that the complaint relates to an already published article and its validity is proven, the policy of retraction and correction of published atricle applies.

The editorial board ensures the confidentiality of information about ongoing investigations of misconduct (expressing concerns may be appropriate to inform readers of serious allegations).

A complaint is accepted for consideration by the editorial board if it is officially filed and is not defamatory.

If the complaint has features of a defamatory nature or is not properly substantiated, the editorial board submits a request for facts and arguments to confirm the validity of the complaint. If such facts and arguments are not provided, or they do not contain evidence sufficient to recognize the complaint as substantiated, the complaint shall not be considered.