Inna Vladymyrova

National University of pharmacy, Ukraine
Doctor of pharmaceutical science, associate professor, associate professor of department of quality, standartization and sertification of drugs

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Professional (scientific) interests: development of composition, technology and standartization of plant-based drugs; standartization of medicinal raw materials and development of monograph in the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine

Selected Publications:

  1. Vladymyrova, I., Georgiyants, V., Savelieva, E. (2019). Pharmacotherapeutic action analysys of mineral substances of medicinal plants, which are used in thyroid gland diseases. Bulletin of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 1 (377), 6–13. doi:
  1. Shumova, H. S., Tarasenko, A. R., Vladymyrova, I. M. (2018). Ohliad asortymentu zasobiv na osnovi sofory zhovtiiuchoi. Farmakoekonomika v Ukraini: stan ta perspektyvy rozvytku. Kharkiv: Vyd-vo NFaU, 136–138. Available at:
  1. Kriukova, A. I., Vladymyrova, I. N., Kotov, A. G., Kotova, E. E. (2017). Question introduction to the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine monography «Sophora Flower», «Sophora Flower bud». Management, Economics and Quality Assurance in Pharmacy, 4 (52), 12–19. doi:
  1. Goryacha, O. V., Ilyina, T.V., Kovalyova, A. M., Koshovyi, O. M., Krivoruchko, O. V., Vladimirova, I. M., Komisarenko, A. M. (2017). A Hepatoprotective Activity of Galium verum L. Extracts against Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Injury in Rats. Der Pharma Chemica, 9 (7), 80–83. Available at:
  1. Savelieva, E. V., Vladymyrova, I. M., Tishakova, T. S. (2016). Determination of effect of Ballota nigra extract on the state of lipid peroxidation and rats' antioxidant system under chronic immobilization stress. Der Pharmacia Lettre, 8 (5), 227–230. Available at:
  1. Vladimirova, I. N., Georgiyants, V. A. (2014). Biologically Active Compounds from Lemna Minor S. F. Gray. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal, 47(11), 599–601. doi:
  1. Vladimirova, I. N., Georgiyants, V. A. (2013). Extracted compounds from Cetraria islandica. Chemistry of Natural Compounds, 49(2), 347–348. doi: