Christian Zidorn

University Professor of Pharmaceutical Biology at Kiel University, Germany
Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Biology, Institute of Pharmacy

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Professional (scientific) interests: Christian ZIDORN, head of the KIEL PHARMACOGNOSY Group, has more than 20 years of experience in secondary metabolites chemistry, chemosystematics, chemical ecology, and analytical chemistry of natural products. Our main fields of research are establishing analytical UHPLC-MS and GC-MS systems for bioactive natural products in plant extracts and essential oils, isolation and structure elucidation of bioactive metabolites from higher plants and marine organisms, and understanding the underlying mechanisms regulating the quantity of these compounds in different parts of the investigated organisms.

Research interests include phytochemistry, chemophenetics, botanical systematics, and chemical ecology

Selected Publications:

  1. Szewczyk, K., Sezai Cicek, S., Zidorn, C., Granica, S. (2018). Phenolic constituents of the aerial parts of Impatiens glandulifera Royle (Balsaminaceae) and their antioxidant activities. Natural Product Research, 33(19), 2851–2855. doi:
  1. Scharenberg, F., Stegemann, T., Çiçek, S. S., Zidorn, C. (2019). Sequestration of pyridine alkaloids anabasine and nicotine from Nicotiana (Solanaceae) by Orobanche ramosa (Orobanchaceae). Biochemical Systematics and Ecology, 86, 103908. doi:
  1. Scharenberg, F., Çiçek, S. S., Stegemann, T., Piccolella, S., Pacifico, S., Zidorn, C. (2019). Flavonol triglycosides from Ornithopus compressus L. (Fabaceae). Industrial Crops and Products, 137, 475–483. doi:
  1. Shulha, O., Çiçek, S. S., Wangensteen, H., Kroes, J., Mäder, M., Girreser, U., … Zidorn, C. (2019). Lignans and sesquiterpene lactones from Hypochaeris radicata subsp. neapolitana (Asteraceae, Cichorieae). Phytochemistry, 165, 112047. doi:
  1. Li, Y., Mangoni, A., Shulha, O., Çiçek, S. S., Zidorn, C. (2019). Cyclic diarylheptanoids deoxycymodienol and isotedarene A from Zostera marina (Zosteraceae). Tetrahedron Letters, 60(32), 150930. doi:
  1. Zidorn, C. (2019). Plant chemophenetics − A new term for plant chemosystematics/plant chemotaxonomy in the macro-molecular era. Phytochemistry, 163, 147–148. doi:
  1. Shulha, O., Zidorn, C. (2019). Sesquiterpene lactones and their precursors as chemosystematic markers in the tribe Cichorieae of the Asteraceae revisited: An update (2008–2017). Phytochemistry, 163, 149–177. doi: