No 6(50) (2015)

Table of Contents

Individual features of the physical development and the onset of biological maturity of morphological and functional structures of the body PDF
Oleksandr Aghyppo, Valeriy Druz, Tatyana Dorofeeva, Yaroslavna Puhach, Nina Buren, Mariia Nechytailo, Yana Zhernovnikova 7–13
Development of common principles for the evaluation of quality characteristics of motor activity in the fitness and sports aerobics aesthetic orientation PDF
Galyna Artemyeva, Valeriy Druz, Albert Lysenko 14–17
Mass sports of students and cadets which server military contract in positions of officers PDF
Anastasia Bondar, Svitlana Kondraschenko 18–22
The role sports volunteering in the life of university students PDF
Anastasia Bondar, Iryna Petrenko 23–25
Changes of the level of high-speed and power abilities of beach handball players of 14–15 years old as a result of the specially selective exercises PDF
Helena Bykova, Yevgeniya Strelnykova, Irina Pomeschikova, Tamara Liakhova 26–29
Efficiency of the use of different rest intervals in the training students-swimmers with the aim of development of special endurance PDF
Tetyana Dorofeeva, Olga Pilipko 30–33
Influence of the structure and content of physical training tourists-conductors 12–13 years on the level of physical fitness PDF
Olena Horbonos-Andronova 34–37
International arbitration in wrestling PDF
Andrii Ievtyfiiev, Sergey Bochkarev, Valeriy Druz 38–40
The development of coordination abilities at a stage of the previous basic preparation in sports dances PDF
Ivan Ivanov 41–45
Analysis of the incidence of disease among the primary school pupils related to the organization of the physical education provided to the medically fragile children PDF
Ganna Kazantseva 46–51
Spiritual and salutary effects of tempering of young athletes by the nature on the system of Porfiry Ivanov (as from the twenty-five years of experience of the author) PDF
Mykhailo Khoroshukha 52–56
Correlation analysis of the level of physical fitness, the physical condition of the students and the success of the summer internship PDF
Vitali Kirpenko 57–61
Physical rehabilitation of congenital heart disease as a social problem. PDF
Іrina Kulchenko 62–64
Effect of competition program "Acrobatics" category "B-Class" at the level of technical preparedness of athletes in acrobatic rock and roll PDF
Petro Kyzim, Larisa Lutsenko, Nataliya Batieieva 65–67
Influence of training mini-basketball in the first year of training at the level of the physical health of children 6–7 years PDF
Olena Mitova, Viola Onischenko 68–72
The motivation of pupils of 7–8 classes in gymnastics PDF
Alla Mullagіldіna, Inna Krasova, Mikhailo Marchenkov 73–78
The organization of classes by physical education of students of higher educational institutions taking into account their interests and individual physical development PDF
Natalia Novitskaya 79–85
Quality of life as an objective efficiency criterion of rehabilitation of women with postmastectomy syndrome PDF
Tatiana Odynets 86–88
Speech teams of wrestling at the European Nations Cup 2015 PDF
Pavel Panov, Yurij Tropin, Viktor Ponomaryov, Sergey Beletskiy 89–92
Modern going near setting of medical physical culture taking into account etiology, type, form, degree and clinical displays of scoliotic illness for children PDF
Olga Peshkova, Eduard Fedorov 93–99
Optimal individual competition calendar in biathlon (the case of elite female athletes) PDF
Olena Pidhrushna 100–104
Improving the process of training of qualified swimmers-sprinters on the basis of training programs of power orientation PDF
Olga Pilipko, Nina Kozhuh 105–108
Effect of static loads with their own body weight and dynamic loads on the health of boys 10–11 years PDF
Eugene Proskurov 109–115
Analysis of cause-effect relationship of hip dysplasia in pre-school children PDF
Anna Rudenko, Oleksandr Zviriaka 116–119
The theoretical analysis content correctional massage for athletes with disabilities PDF
Romanna Rudenko 120–123
Development tendencies of forms of organization of physical education in Europe in the Middle Ages PDF
Dmitriy Solovey 124–127
Building a culture of motor activity in students of secondary schools PDF
Vasil’ Sutula, Alfiya Deyneko, Olena Vyshnya 128–130
Organizational structure and features of Sports Committee of Ukraine PDF
Oleksandr Tomenko 131–134
Features of 30–40 years old tourists-skiers’ technical training in spring and autumn PDF
Оlexander Toporkov 135–137
Assessing the impact of technology of the physical rehabilitation on functionality of the respiratory system of the children with functional single ventricle PDF
Volodymyr Vitomskiy 137–140
Features of the formative educational training groups in Youth sports schools in terms of our time PDF
Artem Zhytnitskyi 141–146