Створення польського автономного району в дебатах Сенату Республіки Польща в 1989-1991 рр.


  • Agnieszka Małgorzata Kastory Uniwersytet Jagielloński w Krakowie, Poland

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Senate of the Republic of Poland, Lithuania, Poles in Lithuania, autonomy, Foreign Affairs Commission of the Senate


Lithuania’s striving towards independence in 1989–1991 provoked fears of the national minorities living in Lithuania, including Poles, regarding the approach of an independent Lithuania towards the protection of their rights. In the case of Poles, maintaining Polish schools and unity of the regions inhabited mostly by the Polish minority, their protection against uncontrolled Lithuanian colonisation, and confirming their right to the land were crucial. The fears regarding the intentions of new Lithuanian authorities inspired the concept of creating a Polish autonomous district. Its creation was a grass roots process undertaken on the self-governmental level. The Lithuanians considered these actions a manifestation of anti- Lithuanian attitude, reluctance towards Lithuanian independence, and disloyalty to the state. The Poles in Lithuania tried to gain the support of Poland. The issue has been discussed in the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Senate several times. The senators (in line with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) were against the territorial autonomy of the Vilnius region. They argued that the Poles in Lithuania should follow the OSCE provisions and strengthen the territorial self-government that would protect their right to autonomy better. The Polish position was due to the concerns regarding the status of the German and Lithuanian minorities and to huge support of Lithuanian independence in Poland. The conviction that good relations with Lithuania would result in its positive attitude towards the Polish minority was expressed several times in the Senate. Common discussions about the ways of preserving the identity of Poles in Lithuania did not result in a consensus.

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Agnieszka Małgorzata Kastory, Uniwersytet Jagielloński w Krakowie

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